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How loud can restaurant kitchens be for noise-sensitive people?

SPECIAL NEEDSIf you have ever worked in a restaurant then you know that when it’s busy the kitchen is very loud. Between the banging of pots and pans, the noise of the cooks yelling orders and the hustle and bustle of the wait staff coming in asking for their entrees’, there is no shortage on noise. Many people are busy in a kitchen and the busier the restaurant the busier the kitchen. Noise can be very disturbing for some people especially special needs people. Disabled children and adults can be very sensitive to noise which makes them uncomfortable in a noisy environment. One way to combat noise in a busy restaurant is to have sound proof walls for the kitchen so that the noise doesn’t travel to the dining area. This will prevent the noise from bothering the customers that are dining in the restaurant. This doesn’t work though if the noise is bothersome to an employee in the kitchen. For this type of situation you would need the best ear plugs to drown out the noise. But this would only work if they are not needing to hear any instructions from a co-worker. Some other options would be to have employees that are sensitive to noise working in the front of the restaurant instead of the kitchen.

There are many jobs that you can do in a restaurant that would be perfect for someone that is noise sensitive. One job that would be good is a bathroom attendant in a high end restaurant. This type of position is more acceptable since the noise is completely drowned out since the bathroom is usually the quietest area in a restaurant. If you’re in a smaller restaurant then a noise sensitive person would be suitable for the greeter position. This position is in the front of the restaurant by the door and involves greeting the customer and seating them at a table. It’s very rarely as noisy as a kitchen but does have some noise level since it is around the tables and customers. Even though the greeter is at the front of the restaurant and around the customers the noise level isn’t quite as loud as it is in the kitchen, it’s more of a low mummer. This too can be aggravating to some noise sensitive people but more acceptable than the loudness of the kitchen clatter.

Whatever position you do in a restaurant you should always be respectful of other employees that work with you. In every job there is going to be someone that is slightly different than you are and you never know if there difference is due to a disability or a noise sensitivity. It’s a very common thing to have noise sensitivity, lots of people have this issue, but by looking at them you would never know without them telling you. Not everyone who has a disability such as noise sensitivity is unable to work they just need special accommodations so they feel comfortable in there working environment. People with noise sensitivity and disabilities can live a productive live with special accommodations and restaurant work is something that can provide them with training for their future.




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