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Maintaining a Healthy Skin: What To Order In a Restaurant?

We all love to dine out with friends and family every once in a while. And, why not? Letting someone cook for us is relaxing and hassle-free and is the perfect treat we can give to ourselves after a busy, exhausting day. But not all food we eat is good for our health. Even though the restaurant foods look tempting, all the food that you are trying to digest may not be healthy and hygienic. They say what you eat is what you are. And this is a universal truth. So if your daily lunch menu consists of cheese burgers and fizzy drinks, then I think you are already aware of its effect on your body and skin. Unhealthy, fatty foods not only change your physique, but also make your skin dull and more prone to pimples, acnes, dark patches and wrinkles.

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Whenever you are eating out at a restaurant or picking up takeaway, make sure the food they are providing are health-giving and nutritious.Feed your skin with nourishing food and your skin will glow with health. If you want a clear, radiating skin, start working from the inside-out. But which foods are healthful? What to order when eating in a restaurant? The following list may aid you to find your answer to the questions and make you come out of your dilemma.

Brown rice

Carbohydrates are a must in our diet as they provide us with energy. But they must be consumed up to a certain limit. So it is better if you can substitute the white rice in your meal with the brown rice. Brown rice is healthful because it decreases the secretion of oil (sebum) from your oil glands and lessens the likelihood of acne breakouts. They also contain selenium that maintains the elasticity of the skin.


After a heartwarming meal at a restaurant, do not forget to eat fruits as your dessert. Rather than eating cake and ice-creams, a small fruit sorbet can offer you with the nutrients you are looking for. Most fruits contain anti-oxidants that clear your skin. They also contain different types of vitamins that can repair damaged cells, prevent clogged pores and stimulate cell regeneration.


For all those meat-lovers, it might be a bad news. But eating fish is not a bad thing at all. Cold water fishes contain omega-3-fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory properties. They help to clear up the rough, pimply skin by reducing inflammation and pain caused by acne.

Green tea

After taming your tummy with those restaurant delicacies, what could be more refreshing than a perfect cup of tea? And if you can manage to drink at least a cup of steaming green tea a day, then your skin will glow like a diamond. Green tea contains bio active compounds and anti-oxidants that are beneficial for your skin health. They also containcatechins that destroy the bacteria causing acnes. Its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce the red swellings caused by acne.

There are bunch of other healthy food that can help you to maintain a clear skin. But if you can stick to these basic ingredients, then you can eliminate all your skin complications naturally. Eat healthy and watch your skin’s progress as it clears up, becoming vibrant and glowing.

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