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Increase Restaurant Food Sales with Aromatherapy Diffusers: Dispersing the Scent with Intent

Aromatherapy DiffusersHumans are gifted with the sense of taste. With these tastes, (bitter, salty, sour and sweet) in combination with scent create flavor. With scent, a person’s appetite can be stimulated and a smell of the foods we crave may give us a watery mouth. Since our sense of smell is always turned on, it prompts immediate emotional and physical response in order to satisfy it. A delay or lack of immediate response to it can affect human behaviour.

The concept of employing scents as a method of attraction for customers is becoming a tool for marketers nowadays, thus entering a new era of customization. Marketers incorporate aromatherapy today in the propagation of business and plays a great role in pain treatment, enhancing mood, sleep therapy, improving cognition and more importantly, a way of customer attraction in food business such as restaurants.

Notable Scent Research

The Journal of Texture Studies published a new study which shows that showing pictures of food is not sufficient to produce that craving sensation which causes people to find food. According to the scientists, the main reason is that a visual portrayal of something is not real enough to convince the brain that food is urgently necessary. So, such study only suggest that marketing  for restaurants and other food-related product or services through the incorporation of the sense of smell will increase further customer attraction.

Reduce Costly Advertisements and Invest on Scents

Aromatherapy today eliminate some marketing approaches like the need for logo-bearing T-shirts, mugs, caps, and other ad postings; restaurant merchandise is taking its industry to new heights with the emergence of signature scents. The trend started when Burger King released its new meat-scented men’s body spray called “Flame,” which can stimulate the appetite of those who inhales it. But Burger King just played it for a joke and it sold like wildfire. Things only got serious when a pastry chef  extraordinaire named Francois Payard, released  pricey three-item line of chocolate-tinged gourmand perfumes. Believe it or not, restaurants nowadays has their own signature scent. How much of these aromas flow into your dining area or even onto the street often depends on  the blower capacity of your kitchen’s hood vents and what type of aroma are you using.

Unlock Aromatherapy’s Full Potential with Diffusers

Aromatherapy is not only for appetite stimulation and attracting customers for business, but it has also several health benefits look at this web-site.

The process of diffusion of essential oils is one of the best ways to attain their therapeutic benefits, and to disperse essential oils so that the scent mixes with the surrounding air. It is an effective way to vaporize essential oils into fine particles without harming or altering their important components and properties.

You can use an essential oil diffuser. When essential oils are diffused, it lets you experience therapeutics benefits such as:

  • Cleanse and purify the air. Essentials oils like thieves oil is proven to dissolve mold spores and prevents molds, whereas a natural essential oil of lemon in its vaporized state kills meningococcus bacteria in a time span of fifteen minutes.
  •  Reduces Stress. It is believed that inhaling fresh and aromatic fragrances stimulates the release of certain chemicals in the brain that can help people relax, thus relieving stress.
  • Boost One’s Mood and Concentration. Smell can shift mood and concentration in an instant, depending on the type of smell. Inhalation of essential oils aromas stimulates brain region that has an influence in emotion, thus calming one’s mind and lifting mood.
  • Immune System Booster. Certain essential oils can stimulate the production of phagocytes, B- cells and T- cells which are important in combating foreign bodies and as a line of body’s defences.

Different Types of Aromatherapy Diffusers

Diffusers has four different categories available on the market today. Each type differs in the way they vaporize essential oils and with different benefits. The four categories include the following:

  • Ultrasonic or Humidifying Diffusers. This diffuser makes use of frequency of electricity in order to create vibrations. These vibrations vaporizes the essential oils and distribute it into the air without the use of heat.
  • Nebulizing Diffusers or Cold Air Diffuser. This diffuser makes use of a jet of air that is about a room temperature in order to blow the surface of the essential oil away to turn in a mist.
  • Evaporative Diffuser. The most basic to use of all the diffusers. Vaporization of the essential oils is done through the air blowing from a fan in a filter.
  • Heat Diffuser. This method makes use of a heat source in order to disperse the oil. This is not recommended because heat can alter the chemistry of the essential oil.

Tips in Choosing Essential Oils For Aromatherapy

Research and caution are vital before commencing any therapeutic regimen and buying it. It is a must to find only those pure essential oils because some labels can be misleading.

  • Examine the product label first. Be wary of the words like nature identical oils, perfume oils and fragrance oils. This product does not contain pure essential oils and maybe just a combination of essential oils and other chemicals. Make sure the label says 100 percent essential oil.
  • Know if it is a need and why you need it.  Knowing what your needs are and the reason you need it can trim down several options. Make sure to choose what would be the most useful and valuable to you.
  • Purchase from health stores.  Avoid purchasing from street vendors. Employees in a health store has a vast knowledge of what they are selling can answer most of your queries.
  • Make sure that the oils are stored in dark glass bottles that block the light. Ultraviolet rays from direct sunlight destroys the structure of essential oils. The oils should be stored in a glass because pure essential oils can dissolve plastic and rubbers.
  • Prices may vary according to the part of the plant used. Some oils are made from exotic plants and used big amount of the plant materials in order to produce the oil.
  • The newer, the better. Use your eagle eye to find dust. Those products are probably stacked for a long time. Essential oils loses their potency as they old.
  • Have Fun Experimenting on What Best Works for Your Food Establishment. Explore different combinations. Make a journal listing the impact of each essential oil in the flow of your business. Choosing the best will just follow after you have gathered this data.

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