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Leaving a restaurant job to go back to school

Working in a Restaurant

Restaurant Work

Going back to school can be a big deal for anyone. Perhaps you had gone to a few years of college and decided that it was just not for you, or you did not have the money to continue on with your studies and had to join the real world to make money. There are many reasons and life events for why you may have not been able to go the traditional route of attending college right out of college. If you are considering going to back school, there are many resources that you can use to help pay for the costs of attending school again, including scholarships for single mothers.

Leaving your restaurant job in order to pursue a new field of study and eventually get a much better job that will help you to support your family better can sometimes feel daunting, especially if you are a single mother. You have so many other responsibilities that you have to take care of on a daily basis that it can seem like an impossible task. Between working to support your family, spending time with the kids, organizing everything, and paying the bills, you may be wondering how you will ever be able to make it through college again and do all of the work that is required.

Luckily, if you are able to stay determined and motivated throughout the whole process, you will be able to be successful and get the results that you desire. One of the main potential sources of stress is figuring out how you are going to be able to afford further education. College is expensive, and if you are already feeling strapped to pay all of the bills that you owe, paying for college might seem like something that is never going to happen. Luckily, in most cases there are additional financial aid options.

The first option is for you to sign up and apply for some scholarships. Most colleges will be able to provide you with information on how to apply for scholarships that might be specific to your field of study, and they can also provide you with information around general scholarships that might be available. If these are not enough to help you, there are many websites available online that can help put you in contact with a large variety of scholarships that will meet your needs. Some great sites to check out include and

Going Back to School

Back to School

In addition to trying out for scholarships, you should also take the time to look at grants that might be available for your needs. Grants are great because they often come from a governmental source, and you do not have to pay them back like you do with a loan. Check with the financial aid department of your school, as well as online financial support resources to see which grants may be available.

If you have exhausted all of these options, there are still governmental loans that you can consider. These will have to be paid back, but they can work with you to determine how much you need, when you will pay them back, and the payment plan that will work out the best for your needs. Choose loans that are from the government before considering private loans. These are usually more secure and will have lower interest rates. The terms of federal loans will almost always work out better for meeting your needs while in school.


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7 Steps Guide – How to Get a Small Business Loan for Your Business

So you have come up with a great idea that you think will be able to sell well to other people. There are many entrepreneurs who have decided to get out of the grind of day to day work in order to start up their own businesses, but this is not something that can be done without a little bit of work and dedication. You will most likely need to take out a loan to help with covering the cost of starting out, as well as having a cash balance available for emergencies. Finding who will lend you the loan is quite a challenge, but there are lenders who  always on hand to provide assistance with small emergency loans. Here are the seven steps that you need to follow in order to get a business loan:

business loans business loans

Decide How much is needed

The first thing that you need to do in order to get a business loan is to decide how much money that you need. Take the time to figure out a budget on how much you will be spending during the first couple of years before going to the bank. Having a well thought out budget that is reasonable and shows that you have done your research helps show the bank that you know what you are doing.

Check Credit Score

How easy of a time that you have at the bank and whether you are able to get the money that you need in a loan will often depend on how good your credit score is. The higher the score is, the more likely that you will be able to get a loan. Most banks will look for a credit score in the 700+ range.


You need to take the time to weigh all of your options in order to add the most strength to your application. Consider a co-signer or a partner for your business, especially if your credit score is lower. Invest a little bit more of your own money to help out as well.

Create a Business Plan

The people at the bank will not even look at your loan application if you have not taken the time to create a business plan outlining all of your ideas and plans for the business. Make sure to also include reasonable financial projections as well, so the bank has an idea of how much you plan to be making in the business and what is the likely time horizon for them to get their money back.

Find a Lender

Now that you have done all of the research and are ready to get the loan, you need to find lender that will give you the money that you need. You will have a couple of options available for doing this including commercial banks, non-bank lender, region specific lender, and micro lenders. Do a little bit of research while you are preparing your business plan to see which one will work the best for you.


It does not make much sense for you to just think up a good idea and then walk into the bank with nothing else. You are going to have to prepare a package for the bank that includes many financial statements, your business plan, and many additional items in order to get the money. Make sure to discuss what is needed with your bank ahead of time so that you can submit everything together and expedite the process.


Depending on the bank that you decide to go with, it usually will not take too long for the decision to be made about whether you will get the loan or not. Most banks have a list of things that they will look for from a potential loan and whether or not you meet them will determine if you get approved or not.

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Seeking Commercial Loans for Restaurants

Opening your own restaurant is anybody’s dream. However, achieving ones’ dream requires pure determination and risk taking. People who are in the restaurant industry are there because of their passion for it. One of the matters that stop restaurant owners from acquiring the business loans they necessitate, whenever they need it, jumps from the common denominator of difficulty that most small businesses tackle when applying for bank loans. The condition of the economy today, has progressively more restaurant owners acquiring funds out of their own pockets, thus risking their financial stability. Choose your Restaurant Loans: Traditional Vs. Alternative

There are two main types of lenders:


·Alternative – includes cash advance providers and factors

·Traditional – this includes banks and other credit unions

Traditional lenders offer the best rates and terms for restaurant business loans according to veteran restaurant owners. Traditional loans also have different types such as business credit cards, loans and lines of credit.

To get working capital in a quick manner, alternative lenders become a better option. A famous alternative financing method is a merchant cash advance. This lets you acquire upfront cash from a merchant cash advance provider, who will then subtract a percentage from your future credit card sales.

What to do if you want to apply for a Traditional Loan

·Pick a Restaurant Theme or Concept. This is the first thing that crosses people’s minds when you have the aspiration to open a restaurant. The basic thought process should include the name of the restaurant, menu items, the interior design of the dining room/lounge, and the most vital part is how the restaurant will stand out against competitors.

·Select the Best Location. The success of the restaurant is greatly influenced by the location itself. Know what your market is and if it is feasible to put a restaurant in a particular place.

 ·Make a Restaurant Business Plan. The business plan is the blue print of the mechanics. An organized and excellent plan will increase your chance of getting the approval for a loan in the bank or business buearo.

·Ace the Bank Interview. Before you go to the bank, make sure all is well and you have prepared for it. On the interview process, make your first impression and make sure you are very familiar with your blue print.

·Be Prepared and Fully Understand What you are signing. Even with a glamorous business plan and restaurant location, collateral may still be a requirement. This includes personal properties such as your house or lot. Think several times before signing as you will gamble your personal assets.

Traditional Loan not Approved? Go for the Alternative with Hard Money Lenders Tampa

If your business is in a place where you cannot qualify for a traditional business loan but the necessary money must be obtained, you may go for a hard money loan. Here are some tempting offers they provide:

·Close deal in 10 days from the time disclosure package is signed

 ·Requirement of 20% down on purchase

 ·80% Loan to Value on cashout

 ·24-48 hour approvals

 ·Allow lending to people even with bad credit history with no minimum score requirement

 ·With only 12-15% interest

 ·Four to five points (Five points for loans 50 thousand and under 20 thousand minimum loan amount)

 ·Investment or Commercial Properties Only

 ·Lending is allowed only in  Tampa Bay Area

 ·Balloon terms of two years or less

 ·With prepayment penalty of one year

 ·Renewals are available at the end of the loan term without closing a second time

 ·With maximum loan amount of one million

 ·Available blanket loans on several properties

 ·Allow foreign investors

 ·Personal guarantee

 ·Property must be insured

 ·Full application first and other necessary requirements before release of pre-Approval letters

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Increase Restaurant Food Sales with Aromatherapy Diffusers: Dispersing the Scent with Intent

Aromatherapy DiffusersHumans are gifted with the sense of taste. With these tastes, (bitter, salty, sour and sweet) in combination with scent create flavor. With scent, a person’s appetite can be stimulated and a smell of the foods we crave may give us a watery mouth. Since our sense of smell is always turned on, it prompts immediate emotional and physical response in order to satisfy it. A delay or lack of immediate response to it can affect human behaviour.

The concept of employing scents as a method of attraction for customers is becoming a tool for marketers nowadays, thus entering a new era of customization. Marketers incorporate aromatherapy today in the propagation of business and plays a great role in pain treatment, enhancing mood, sleep therapy, improving cognition and more importantly, a way of customer attraction in food business such as restaurants.

Notable Scent Research

The Journal of Texture Studies published a new study which shows that showing pictures of food is not sufficient to produce that craving sensation which causes people to find food. According to the scientists, the main reason is that a visual portrayal of something is not real enough to convince the brain that food is urgently necessary. So, such study only suggest that marketing  for restaurants and other food-related product or services through the incorporation of the sense of smell will increase further customer attraction.

Reduce Costly Advertisements and Invest on Scents

Aromatherapy today eliminate some marketing approaches like the need for logo-bearing T-shirts, mugs, caps, and other ad postings; restaurant merchandise is taking its industry to new heights with the emergence of signature scents. The trend started when Burger King released its new meat-scented men’s body spray called “Flame,” which can stimulate the appetite of those who inhales it. But Burger King just played it for a joke and it sold like wildfire. Things only got serious when a pastry chef  extraordinaire named Francois Payard, released  pricey three-item line of chocolate-tinged gourmand perfumes. Believe it or not, restaurants nowadays has their own signature scent. How much of these aromas flow into your dining area or even onto the street often depends on  the blower capacity of your kitchen’s hood vents and what type of aroma are you using.

Unlock Aromatherapy’s Full Potential with Diffusers

Aromatherapy is not only for appetite stimulation and attracting customers for business, but it has also several health benefits look at this web-site.

The process of diffusion of essential oils is one of the best ways to attain their therapeutic benefits, and to disperse essential oils so that the scent mixes with the surrounding air. It is an effective way to vaporize essential oils into fine particles without harming or altering their important components and properties.

You can use an essential oil diffuser. When essential oils are diffused, it lets you experience therapeutics benefits such as:

  • Cleanse and purify the air. Essentials oils like thieves oil is proven to dissolve mold spores and prevents molds, whereas a natural essential oil of lemon in its vaporized state kills meningococcus bacteria in a time span of fifteen minutes.
  •  Reduces Stress. It is believed that inhaling fresh and aromatic fragrances stimulates the release of certain chemicals in the brain that can help people relax, thus relieving stress.
  • Boost One’s Mood and Concentration. Smell can shift mood and concentration in an instant, depending on the type of smell. Inhalation of essential oils aromas stimulates brain region that has an influence in emotion, thus calming one’s mind and lifting mood.
  • Immune System Booster. Certain essential oils can stimulate the production of phagocytes, B- cells and T- cells which are important in combating foreign bodies and as a line of body’s defences.

Different Types of Aromatherapy Diffusers

Diffusers has four different categories available on the market today. Each type differs in the way they vaporize essential oils and with different benefits. The four categories include the following:

  • Ultrasonic or Humidifying Diffusers. This diffuser makes use of frequency of electricity in order to create vibrations. These vibrations vaporizes the essential oils and distribute it into the air without the use of heat.
  • Nebulizing Diffusers or Cold Air Diffuser. This diffuser makes use of a jet of air that is about a room temperature in order to blow the surface of the essential oil away to turn in a mist.
  • Evaporative Diffuser. The most basic to use of all the diffusers. Vaporization of the essential oils is done through the air blowing from a fan in a filter.
  • Heat Diffuser. This method makes use of a heat source in order to disperse the oil. This is not recommended because heat can alter the chemistry of the essential oil.

Tips in Choosing Essential Oils For Aromatherapy

Research and caution are vital before commencing any therapeutic regimen and buying it. It is a must to find only those pure essential oils because some labels can be misleading.

  • Examine the product label first. Be wary of the words like nature identical oils, perfume oils and fragrance oils. This product does not contain pure essential oils and maybe just a combination of essential oils and other chemicals. Make sure the label says 100 percent essential oil.
  • Know if it is a need and why you need it.  Knowing what your needs are and the reason you need it can trim down several options. Make sure to choose what would be the most useful and valuable to you.
  • Purchase from health stores.  Avoid purchasing from street vendors. Employees in a health store has a vast knowledge of what they are selling can answer most of your queries.
  • Make sure that the oils are stored in dark glass bottles that block the light. Ultraviolet rays from direct sunlight destroys the structure of essential oils. The oils should be stored in a glass because pure essential oils can dissolve plastic and rubbers.
  • Prices may vary according to the part of the plant used. Some oils are made from exotic plants and used big amount of the plant materials in order to produce the oil.
  • The newer, the better. Use your eagle eye to find dust. Those products are probably stacked for a long time. Essential oils loses their potency as they old.
  • Have Fun Experimenting on What Best Works for Your Food Establishment. Explore different combinations. Make a journal listing the impact of each essential oil in the flow of your business. Choosing the best will just follow after you have gathered this data.
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Top 13 Recipes for 2014

2013 saw some amazingly new and fresh recipes which were not only delightful to the palate but also to the eye. 2014 is already off to a strong start with even more creative ingredients and recipes. Below are the top 13 recipes of 2014 to keep an out of for.


1. Taco Wontons: Everyone loves tacos and this recipe is sure to be a crowd pleasure. With a large twist on a traditional classic, these taco wontons put a spin on well known flavors. Combining ground beef, taco seasoning and fresh veggies into a wonton wrapper and then deep fried, these bite sized treats are packed with flavor. These can be served with salsa or topped with sour cream and guacamole for additional flavor.

2. Buffalo Chicken Sushi: Sushi is one of those meals which people either love or hate. However, everyone is sure to swoon over this playful twist on classic sushi. Combining buffalo chicken, freshly sliced cheese, tortilla strips and rice, these chicken flavored sushi rolls are perfect for any meal or party.

3. Cheesecake Popsicles: It is extremely hard to beat the silky smooth perfection cheesecake has to offer – that is until now! These cheesecake popsicles are delicious any time and extremely refreshing on a hot summer day. Made with cheesecake flavored pudding and crushed graham crackers layered in a 6 ounce plastic cup with assorted fruits, these charming snacks will be loved by children and adults alike.

4. Peanut Butter Glazed Popcorn: this recipe combines crunchy peanut butter with corn syrup, popcorn and vanilla extra to create an unforgettable new movie time snack. The combination of sweet and salty is sure to leave everyone coming back for more.

5. Meatloaf Stuffing: This is the perfect way to use holiday leftovers to create an all new meal. By chopping up leftover turkey and combining it with cranberry sauce, walnuts, garlic thyme, and breadcrumbs and stuffing in into a meatloaf pan, one can create the most unique and flavorful “meatloaf stuffing.”

6. Mint Chocolate Chip Pancakes: Throughout the years there have been various takes on the breakfast classic pancakes, but none are more unique than mint chocolate chip pancakes. By combining flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, buttermilk, mint extra, and semi sweet chocolate chips, these pancakes are reminiscent of peppermint patties and sure to please adults and children.

7. Banh Mi Hot Dog – Hot dogs are served daily around the world with various toppings. However, this Banh Mi dog adds new Viet names twist with its spicy mango salsa, fresh mint leaves and shredded carrot and cucumbers. This hot dog brings an old American classic to all new heights of creativity.

8. Layered Reuben Sandwich Style Dip: A new take on the standard seven layer dip, this Reuben sandwich dip combines all the flavor profiles of a classic Reuben into a delightful dip. With layers of shredded pastrami, Swiss cheese, tomato, sauerkraut, green onions and Thousand Island dressing, and topped with cubed rye bread, this dip has it all.

9. Beer and Pretzel Carmel’s: These tasty bites are sure to be a hit among the adult crowed. Combining pretzels, heavy whipping cream and your favorite lager, this bite sized snacks are perfect for any tailgating party or to snack on by the bowl full at any get together.

10. Chocolate Guinness Cake: This cake is sure to please every beer and chocolate fan alike. This extremely moist and flavorful cake is topped with a sweetened sour cream sauce which resembles the foam on rich Guinness.

best foods

11. Tex Mex Popcorn – This spicy flavored popcorn is not for the faint of heart at is combines paprika and cumin and is often by fresh cilantro. This snack is the ideal companion to any movie, party or get together.

12. Slow Cooker Spicy Turkey Lasagna – It is hard to top the aroma that hits you when you walk into your front door after a long day or work and smell what has been slowly cooking in your crock pot. This recipe is sure to bring families together around the dinner table and is a fantastic twist on traditional lasagna. Not only is this easy to make and to clean up, but the flavors will have even your children coming back for seconds.check more information at

13. Grilled Cheese with Spinach, Avocado and Gouda – Everyone loves a traditional grilled cheese sandwich and this flavorful newly inspired grilled cheese will prove to be no different. Combing fresh spinach and avocado with tangy gouda will please every palate and make adults feel like a child again.

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Top 10 Food Festival Recipes

The best part of any festival is the outlandish food one can find. From deep fried Twinkies to outstanding BBQ, festivals never disappoint its customers when it comes to unique and tasty dishes.


For those who may not be familiar with a food festival, a food festival is often based around a central theme (fried foods, seasonal fruits, or specific cultural regions of the world) which celebrates food. There are food festivals all over the world from the United States, to the United Kingdom to Mexico. Food festivals are typically held annual and allow food enthusiasts from all over to partake in various foods, cooking styles and new cuisines. While there are numerous foods offered at food festivals, below are the top ten most unique foods and food recipes one will find at a food festival additional hints.


1. Chicken-friend bacon: This one of a kind food item was an award winner at the 2008 food festival in Texas. This award winning recipe has a tight lid on it and the creator of this distinctive meal keeps the ingredients and secret spices just that – a secret.

2. Fried avocado bites: It is no surprise these award snacks were found at a food festival outside of Anaheim, California. Taking freshly grown avocados are picked in the height of avocado season, dipped in a batter of corn dog mix, seasoning salt, and pepper, and deep fried to perfection. These delightful gems are then served with two very different dipping sauces; a homemade ranch or a herb infused oil.

3. Spaghetti and meatballs…on a stick! This whimsical treat is not only innovative but also extremely delicious. The cooked spaghetti gets combined with ground beef, diced onions and seasons and then packed tightly into a large “meatball.” The meatball is then dipped into a garlic flour batter and deep friend until thoroughly cooked. This wonderful creation is then served with marinara dipping sauce.

4. Hot beef sundae: This playful take on a dessert classic is sure to turn heads and taste buds. This sundae starts with a base of freshly braised beef, and then topped with creamy mashed potatoes to mimic ice cream, sprinkled with vibrant cheddar cheese, slathered in rich gravy, and topped with a cherry tomato.

5. Pizza cones: A food festival in Indiana took pizza to an entirely new level with its pizza cones. Instead of enjoying an ice cream cone, one can enjoy a one of a kind pizza cone on the go. These extremely easy to eat and portable pizza cones are filled with a variety of toppings including: cheese, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, or bacon. Created by stuffing pizza dough with selected toppings, folding into a triangular shaped cone, mimicking an ice cream come, and then baked. Cones are also served with an additional side of marinara sauce for dipping.check some tips for more information.

6. Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich: This tasty and matchless
creation combines two fan favorites – a Krispy Kreme doughnut and a chicken sandwich. This magical concoction was found at a food festival in California and has fans swooning over it. The deep fried chicken patty is topped with Swiss cheese and then placed inside a glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut. While this creation man not be calorie friendly, it is sure to make your taste buds dance and leave you talking about it for days.

7. Deep-fried Twinkies: This fan favorite has been found at various food festivals across the United States as well as the world. This recipe starts with frozen Twinkies which are then dipped into pancake mix and dropped into the deep fryer until golden brown. These delicious snacks are often served with a side of vanilla ice cream or on a stick.

8. Fried Coca-Cola: This head scratching treat was found at a food festival in Texas. This award winning recipe is Coca-Cola flavored batter which is then deep-fried into ice cube sized balls. The “ice” is then covered with Coco-Cola syrup and topped with whipped cream and cinnamon.

iconic foods

9. Key lime pie on a stick: Most often found in various food festivals around Florida, this sweet treat can also be found in California. Slices of frozen key lime pie are placed on a stick, dipped into either milk or dark chocolate and placed back into the freezer until the chocolate is hardened.

10. Fried cheese curds: Who doesn’t love cheese? And fried cheese is even better! These deep fried bites are found at food fairs all over the globe which celebrate cheese and are most commonly found in Midwestern states. Various flavored cheese curds are covered in seasoned flours, dredge in an egg wash and then deep fried until golden brown.


Food festivals are about far more than the celebration of food, they are the perfect time to come together as a community for fun, laughter and commemorate locally grown foods. Food festivals are a time of creativity and to bring new life and recipes to traditional ingredients.


Top 10 Disneyland Fast Food Joints

Disneyland not only offers some of the most fun filled rides, family friendly entertainment, but also some of the best tasting and most creative food one will likely find. Offering more than 100 places to eat, Disneyland brings cartoon characters to life via food and shows how imagination can transform ordinary ingredients into extraordinary dining experiences. Below are the top ten fast food joints to eat at while enjoying all Disneyland has to offer.


Disney Land is located in Anaheim California and was first opened in 1955 by Walt Disney. This theme park is home to iconic cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck. Disney Land boasts the largest attendance for any theme park in the world and has served over 650 million guests since its opening.

Disney Land offers a variety of thrilled rides including log flumes, roller coasters, haunted mansions and also various themed rides from some of the most famous Disney movies such as Peter Pan. With rides, transformational scenery and cartoon characters walking around for pictures and autographs, Disney Land is sure to bring out the child in everyone and offers something for people of all ages.


1. Be Our Guest Restaurant is located in Magic Kingdom and offers exceptional attention to detail and a one of a kind dining experience. This fantasyland offers guest the chance to eat in a Disney ballroom and offers extremely reasonably priced appetizers, entrees and desserts.

2. Captain Cook’s can be found in Disney’s Polynesian Resort. The menu at Captain Hook’s is very diverse and everything is made fresh to order. Arguably the biggest draw is the Dole Whip – Disney Land’s most popular snack. Dole Whip is a dessert treat which can be served in a pineapple float or in a cup. Captain Hook’s also offers unique dishes such as Tonga Toast and marvelous cupcakes, as well as a very beautiful restaurant decorated in Polynesian attire.

3. Tangienrine Café is located in Epcot and offers Moroccan style food. These huge portions of food are not only priced to sell, but also offers exceptional flavor and a very untraditional menu. For any guest looking to expand their culinary boundaries, Tangierine Café is the ideal place to explore flavors such as Lamb Shawarma, Tabouleh and Couscous.

4. Flame Tree BBQ is in the heart of Animal Kingdom and is the place to eat if you love well cooked BBQ. Flame Tree BBQ offers St. Louis styled ribs and succulent chicken. The view is also second to none as it offers guest breathtaking scenery and a vision of the Everest.

5. Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port in Tomorrowland offers more than pizza, but also some of the most delicious pasta dishes. Visitors will find classics such as pasta and meatballs and cheese pizza or they can get more daring and try Caesar chicken pizza and its famous Planetary pizza salad.

6. Pepper Market is located in Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. With large portion sizes and a very extensive menu, the Pepper Market is sure to please any appetite. The ribs are second only to those of Flame Tree BBQ and any carnivore will also love the Aztec Burger. Pepper Market also offers international flavors, pizza and a variety of desserts.

7. Sunshine Seasons in Epcot offers amazing sandwiches, fish dishes, and an assortment of outstanding desserts. The ambiance and seating of Sunshine Seasons offers a breathtaking fountain in the middle of the restaurant and is a view which simply cannot be beat.


8. Contempo Café is found in Disney’s Contemporary Resorts. Arguably most famous for its flavorful cupcakes, Contempo also offers one of a kind flatbreads and killer Mahi Mahi sandwiches. If you are a dessert lover, Contempo Café is a place you must visit and is sure to please every sweet tooth.

9. Hunger Bear Restaurant located in Critter Country offers all American cuisine. If you are looking for an amazing burger or sandwich this is the fast food joint for you. Also offering chili cheese fries, onion rings and candied pecans, this joint combines awesome American classics with a shaded view overlooking America’s most famous rivers recreated in true Disney fashion.

10. Rancho del Zocalo in Frontierland is perfect for those wishing to get food from south of the border. From grilled fish tacos to larger than life burritos, this lively and colorful restaurant offers generous portions and an authentic Mexican environment.

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How to Weave a Lattice Top for Pies

A woven lattice top not only transforms a pie into a more sophisticated and elegant dessert, but is also very easy to create. The first time creating a lattice pie top can seem extremely daunting, but rest assured, with a little practice you will look like you have been baking pies your entire life and be producing professional looking pies in no time.


A lattice top may look like you spent hours and hours creating it, but is actually very easy to make. A lattice pie crust is a crust which appears to be woven together, creating a very sleek pattern to the top of the pie. For the best results it is important to use pie crust which has been chilled for a minimum of 30 minutes.


1. The first step is to prepare the bottom of the pie by rolling the bottom pie crust, or using a store bought crust for the base of the pie. Then proceed to fill the pie with your filling.

2. Roll the second pie crust to approximately 12 inches in diameter.

3. Using a sharp knife or pizza cutter, cut the crust into even strips. You can make the strips as thin, or think, as you desire but it is recommended to make them roughly ½ inch to ¾ inch in diameter.for more details read more reviews task manager online.

4. Using half of the sliced pie strips, place them horizontally over the pie. Be sure to leave gaps between the strips so you can see the filling – roughly ¼ inch apart.

5. Carefully weave the remaining pre-cut pie strips vertically through the horizontally placed strips.

6. Press the end of each of the pie strips firmly together, or crimp together with a fork, or by hand.


If creating a woven lattice pie top seems too complicated or time consume, there is an easier way to achieve a very similar look.

If you love the idea of creating a lattice top but find yourself in a time crunch, these steps will help you accomplish a similar result with a lot less effort and still offer a stunning pie sure to impress your guests.

top pies

1. Roll out the top pie crust and cut into strips – recommended to cut the strips ½ inch to ¾ inch thick.
2. Place half of he pastry strips horizontally, leaving approximately a ½ inch to 1 inch gap between each one.
3. Place the remaining strips vertically over the horizontal strips, spacing them ½ inch to 1 inch apart.
4. Connect the strips by folding or crimping them together to create a nice sealed edge.


A lattice pie crust is an excellent way to showcase the beautiful ingredients within the pie. Few desserts are more enticing than a lattice topped pie showing off the freshly baked ingredients and aromatic filling. It is hard to ignore vibrant berries, luscious pecans, and gooey fillings as they peek through the lattice work of the pie.


The World’s Top 15 Best Restaurants

With countless restaurants spanning the globe, it is hard to know which cuisine reigns supreme. With so many different cultures, various dining experiences, and a plethora of unique ingredients restaurants have taking the food to an all new level of creativity and taste. The following list of restaurants, however, take food to an entirely different level and have earned themselves the honor of being one of the top 15 best restaurants in the world.


Alinea is located in Chicago, Illinois. Since its debut in 2005 this restaurant has quickly become one of the most famous places to dine in the entire world. Owner and head chef, Grant Achatz, is a rising star in the food industry and is renowned for his ability to deconstruct common favorites and transform them into an entirely new dish. Alinea is one of two restaurants in all of Chicago to be honored with three stars from the Michelin Guide.


Located in Berkshire, England The Fat Duck opened in 1995 in an old 16th century building. The Fat Duck offers not only classic French bistro dishes, but has also become famous for its use of molecular gastronomy. In 2004 it received three stars from the Michelin Guide and offers top notch customer service with one kitchen staff to every one customer.


Owned and operated by celebrated chef Daniel Boulud, Daniel restaurant is located in the East side of Manhattan, New York. Chef Boulud holds the record as the state’s most decorated four star chef. In 2013 Zagat honored Daniel with a food, décor and service rating of 28, making it the top rated décor and service rating in all of New York.


Located in Paris, France the Pierre Gagnaire restaurant has received three Michelin stars. This elegant restaurant offers the finest French cuisine by combining unique flavor combinations, various textures and matchless ingredients to create an unforgettable dining experience.


Aqua combines elegance and sleekness to its state of the art restaurant. Chef Elverdeld has created a menu which transforms ordinary European dishes into eye catching and breath taking pieces of art. Aqua is located in Wolfsburg, Germany and has been award three Michelin stars for its gourmet dining experience.


This two star Michelin rated restaurant is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. This fine dining establishment is run by Chef Redzepi and is known for its interpretation of Nordic cuisine. For three years running, from 2010 – 2012, it was rated the Best Restaurant of the World by Restaurant Magazine.for more information, visit this link.


Located in history Notting Hill, England this restaurant has received two Michelin stars. Opening its doors in 2005 this restaurant has quickly risen in the ranks, gaining its first Michelin star in its debut year and adding another star in 2009, and in 2011 was voted UK’s top restaurant.


Named the best restaurant in all of Mexico by the Wall Street Journal, Pujol offers amazing Mexican cuisine. The 27 cooks at Pujol bring a variety of training and skills to this restaurant and one of the many reasons Pujol is now often considered the best place to eat in Mexico.


This seafood restaurant located in Chicago, Illinois was opened in 2008 by Chef Gras. L20 is one of two restaurants’ to receive three Michelin stars in Chicago and offers something for people of all ages on its very diverse and large menu.


Head Chef Sergio Herman has consistently helped Oud Sluis receive one or more Michelin stars since its opening in 2005. Located in the Netherlands, Chef Herman is looking to also start new restaurants in the near future.


Caprice offers the smells and tastes of France from its outstanding location in Hong Kong. The flavors of the French classics will transport you into another time and space, with the luxurious views and dazzling sites of Hong Kong. This family friend restaurant offers something for people of all ages, all while showcasing elegant one of a king French flavors.


Located in breathtaking Italy, Al Sorriso not only offers the finest Italian cuisine, but does so from its charming restaurant which offers warmth and beauty. From the cobblestone streets to the aroma of the freshly prepared locally grown ingredients, Al Sorriso is one of a kind restaurant.


This three star Michelin award restaurant is located in the lobby level of Trump International Hotel and Towel in New York City. Jean Georges has been acclaimed as one of the five top restaurants in the United States, Canada and Latin America.



Located in Japan, Mizai offers a very intimate and traditional Japanese dining experience to its guests. The elegant dishes prepared by Chef and Owner Ishihara are not only flavorful, but breathtakingly beautiful.


Chef and Owner Thomas Keller offers French style cuisine from the National Registered Historic place of business from a building dating back to the 1900’s. The French Laundry was named Best Restaurant in the World in 2003 and 2004 and in 2006 received three Michelin stars.