The World’s Top 15 Best Restaurants

With countless restaurants spanning the globe, it is hard to know which cuisine reigns supreme. With so many different cultures, various dining experiences, and a plethora of unique ingredients restaurants have taking the food to an all new level of creativity and taste. The following list of restaurants, however, take food to an entirely different level and have earned themselves the honor of being one of the top 15 best restaurants in the world.


Alinea is located in Chicago, Illinois. Since its debut in 2005 this restaurant has quickly become one of the most famous places to dine in the entire world. Owner and head chef, Grant Achatz, is a rising star in the food industry and is renowned for his ability to deconstruct common favorites and transform them into an entirely new dish. Alinea is one of two restaurants in all of Chicago to be honored with three stars from the Michelin Guide.


Located in Berkshire, England The Fat Duck opened in 1995 in an old 16th century building. The Fat Duck offers not only classic French bistro dishes, but has also become famous for its use of molecular gastronomy. In 2004 it received three stars from the Michelin Guide and offers top notch customer service with one kitchen staff to every one customer.


Owned and operated by celebrated chef Daniel Boulud, Daniel restaurant is located in the East side of Manhattan, New York. Chef Boulud holds the record as the state’s most decorated four star chef. In 2013 Zagat honored Daniel with a food, décor and service rating of 28, making it the top rated décor and service rating in all of New York.


Located in Paris, France the Pierre Gagnaire restaurant has received three Michelin stars. This elegant restaurant offers the finest French cuisine by combining unique flavor combinations, various textures and matchless ingredients to create an unforgettable dining experience.


Aqua combines elegance and sleekness to its state of the art restaurant. Chef Elverdeld has created a menu which transforms ordinary European dishes into eye catching and breath taking pieces of art. Aqua is located in Wolfsburg, Germany and has been award three Michelin stars for its gourmet dining experience.


This two star Michelin rated restaurant is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. This fine dining establishment is run by Chef Redzepi and is known for its interpretation of Nordic cuisine. For three years running, from 2010 – 2012, it was rated the Best Restaurant of the World by Restaurant Magazine.for more information, visit this link.


Located in history Notting Hill, England this restaurant has received two Michelin stars. Opening its doors in 2005 this restaurant has quickly risen in the ranks, gaining its first Michelin star in its debut year and adding another star in 2009, and in 2011 was voted UK’s top restaurant.


Named the best restaurant in all of Mexico by the Wall Street Journal, Pujol offers amazing Mexican cuisine. The 27 cooks at Pujol bring a variety of training and skills to this restaurant and one of the many reasons Pujol is now often considered the best place to eat in Mexico.


This seafood restaurant located in Chicago, Illinois was opened in 2008 by Chef Gras. L20 is one of two restaurants’ to receive three Michelin stars in Chicago and offers something for people of all ages on its very diverse and large menu.


Head Chef Sergio Herman has consistently helped Oud Sluis receive one or more Michelin stars since its opening in 2005. Located in the Netherlands, Chef Herman is looking to also start new restaurants in the near future.


Caprice offers the smells and tastes of France from its outstanding location in Hong Kong. The flavors of the French classics will transport you into another time and space, with the luxurious views and dazzling sites of Hong Kong. This family friend restaurant offers something for people of all ages, all while showcasing elegant one of a king French flavors.


Located in breathtaking Italy, Al Sorriso not only offers the finest Italian cuisine, but does so from its charming restaurant which offers warmth and beauty. From the cobblestone streets to the aroma of the freshly prepared locally grown ingredients, Al Sorriso is one of a kind restaurant.


This three star Michelin award restaurant is located in the lobby level of Trump International Hotel and Towel in New York City. Jean Georges has been acclaimed as one of the five top restaurants in the United States, Canada and Latin America.



Located in Japan, Mizai offers a very intimate and traditional Japanese dining experience to its guests. The elegant dishes prepared by Chef and Owner Ishihara are not only flavorful, but breathtakingly beautiful.


Chef and Owner Thomas Keller offers French style cuisine from the National Registered Historic place of business from a building dating back to the 1900’s. The French Laundry was named Best Restaurant in the World in 2003 and 2004 and in 2006 received three Michelin stars.

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