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Increasing Stamina While On Your Feet All Day As a Waitress

Are you finding yourself on your feet all day at your day job as a waitress?

Exercise can lead to increased stamina and less stress during your day job see this here. One of the best ways to make the day go by easier is too have more energy by exercising. A great way to maintain energy levels during the day is to ride a bike to work or just in your free time.

Riding single speed Bikes is not only about fun. It is a form of a rigorous exercise that will surely pump you up and drain every ounce of energy in you. Riding these bikes maybe intimidating and requires a lot of work, but if you dedicate yourself to it, the payoffs will be just fine!

While just pedaling continuously, single speed bikes are transforming you through its health benefits without you noticing it because you are enjoying the ride. Here are some of the benefits you can get:

pedal1Increased Stamina

Driving one gear is quite a challenge. It really forces the rider into building excellent aerobic levels in order to maintain normal speed while driving. The lack of gears challenges the rider to continue pedaling – this only means no opportunity to rest! This is however a solid cardiovascular workout which will surely pose a challenge to you.

Anaerobic advantage

Climbing high places can be menacing. You do not have any more gears to help loosen the tension. The only one that can be relied on is your pedaling and will power. As you do this frequently, you will just see the advantages of slowly keeping up with the pace and there will come a time that climbing hills will just be a piece of cake.

So why own single speed bikes? Aside from its health benefits that you can enjoy while having fun, here are some reasons why you should ride one:

pedal2Mechanical simplicity

Single speed bikes has no more chains binding up, no tedious cassette cleaning and more importantly, no shifting needed. Replacing damaged derailleurs will never happen because you don’t have any. You only need to replace few parts such as one gear, the front and rear brakes and the bike’s body parts. You can purchase parts at Single Speed Bikes Adelaide in case of damage.

Bike Handling Skills

Single speed riders will soon master handling skills. This only means that you can negotiate these things in a quick manner. The simplicity of the bike can teach the rider to hone his skills in no time.

Cool Factor

Single speed bikes and their riders seems cool to be seen when they are together. When you become adept the props becomes even better, because you’ll be passing thorough everyone, especially when climbing. The coolest thing is that you can have it set up in order to suit your personality. The owner can also change the bikes physical appearance whenever she or he wants.


This is the greatest advantage that single-speed bikes have over fixies. With a freewheel, the back wheel spins independently, it only means that the rider does not have to pedal when going down or when he just want to coast. For those who are new to fixed gear bikes, they are still able to forget that their legs are moving every time. This can be a hazardous mistake, because the pedals will keep spinning. If the rider’s feet is unable to be moved right away, he can be tossed from the bike or lose balance.