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Keep Your Restaurant Secure With A State Of The Art Security

person looks out of corner. 3D imageYour restaurant is busy with people coming in and out all day. Imagine a Friday night where the prime rib is selling out within minutes, the baked potatoes hardly have time to cool before eaten and dessert just can’t be made fast enough. There are reservations until the closing hour. Families and couples line the doorway, waiting for their chance to enjoy your food and atmosphere. There are employees as well, coming in and out of the back rooms and staff entrances at all hours. Although it’s hard to think about, there is always a chance that someone in your restaurant at any given time could be checking out your establishment for a possible theft.

 Most restaurants have security cameras but often times the camera is too far away or of mediocre quality in the event that a suspect needs to be observed closely. There is no need to ruin a great sales week with the troubles of a lacking security system, and that includes your security deposit box, camera and safe as well.

 Why not prevent the burglary all together by stepping up your safe’s security? Many safes are old, outdated and easily compromised. Often times the safes have been left from previous restaurant management and although the pass code may have been changed, it is possible that the old staff or management knows how to reset the pass code by now.

 Upgrading your safe is inexpensive and and a worthy investment in your restaurant’s security. Depending on the size and volume of your restaurant, your need for a safe will differ. Depository safes for money drops can cost anywhere from $300-$800, depending on your needs. There are small drop safes available as well as double door safes for those with a larger amount of monetary traffic. Keep in mind it’s also wise to do a bank deposit at least once a day if you can. The less money in-house, the better.

 If you’ve got firearms you’d like to keep secure, there is a Winchester Safes eVault Pistol Safe that may be perfect for your needs. It’s an affordable, well-constructed gun safe and has a fingerprint identification as the key pass code so there will no one getting into that box who isn’t supposed to.

 As far as new cameras are concerned, the market is saturated with many options but you would be looking for one that is a more current model, not outdated and clunky like the old styles. The old models are easily spotted by thieves and many are skilled in the art of dismantling or blocking the camera lens when they make their move. The best kinds of surveillance cameras are those that can be discreetly placed from a vantage point where they would capture the image of the person with clear detail when needed. HD surveillance cameras are readily available for moderate pricing these days, as everything seems to be HD in today’s market.

 When we are busy with our Saturday night fajitas and margaritas, followed by a birthday party for an 80 year-old grandmother and her family, there is no time to worry about who may be lurking outside. Safety and security are of utmost importance in our industry especially. Get your systems updated and install peace of mind into your place of work. That way from the office to the table, you know your assets are covered and you can go on enjoying the success of your establishment.