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What happened to the unspoken dress code when going out to an upscale restaurant?

DRESS CODEIt seems that a couple of decades ago and more, when you planned an evening out at a restaurant that you would dress appropriately for it. Some nice pants and a shirt, and if it was a little more upscale a tie and jacket. Women wore dresses and had their hair and makeup done. That seems like ages ago. It seems now as long as you have the money to spend on the dinner fare that you can dress like you’ve been stranded on a desert island in a ripped shirt and jeans, barefoot in sandals. It didn’t use to be like that. Now it’s as if as long as you have shoes and a shirt, you get service.

Back in the day eating out was more an event to look forward to dressing in your finest for. You actually looked forward to getting a little dressed up and looking your best when you went out. Now basically it seems that as long as you can pay, wear whatever you please. It seems that ambiance in a restaurant means nothing to most if they even happen to notice it in the first place.

Men would even shave their 5 o’clock shadow before heading out for the evening. Now you can go out and sport a manly looking beard almost Survivor style. Facial hair on gentlemen seems to be making a comeback of sorts. More or less it’s probably easier to not have to shave and to go with the beard tidal wave and surf along with the rest of the groups. There are even ways where you can get an even thicker beard to show off on your nights out. It’s the in thing supposedly.

Really it would be nice to go back to the days where everyone was dressed their best on a weekend date night or night on the town with the guys. Dress appropriately for the restaurant you’ll be attending that evening. Not like you’re a movie star that has been filming a role in which you’ve been stranded on a desert island with nothing to do but grow a beard and catch a pretty decent tan. Beards are in as a lot of stars have been sporting them lately for roles that they are preparing for.

It seems to be catching on. Low key is the “in” key. Next time you are out at an upscale restaurant take a look at what people are wearing and if by chance they do have a beard if it is kept in a trimmed fashioned no matter how long it is. Dressing appropriately for the restaurant you are attending will make its way back eventually as all trends do. It’s one to be seen hopefully sooner than later as it used to be something to be proud of. Not that you can pay the bill, but that you can look pretty darn good while paying it. The restaurant has a name, if you are to attend it, respect its ambiance and offerings by your attire. It’s time to go back old school.