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5 Jobs to Pursue While Working in a Restaurant

Working in a restaurant can be a full-time career or a stepping stone to the career of your dreams. Over 80% of restaurant workers are enrolled in higher education with plans of pursuing a different career in the future. The flexibility of working in a restaurant allows students the ability to work full time and go to school full or part time. There are many careers to choose from but some of the most rewarding, competitive and high-paying jobs are in the medical field.

1. Nursing – As a nurse you will work along side physicians to monitor and administer quality patient care. Some parts of the world are in dire need of nursing staff. Nursing school is highly competitive but the reward can be a steady, great paying job that allows you to help people. Many students start out with Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A) courses and work part time on top of their restaurant job while in school. There are hospitals that will pay for further education if you show promise as an employee. Next you will want to get your Associates Degree in Nursing. Most nurses also continue on to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing as well. Once you have gained experience, you will be able to choose to work in any department within a hospital. Popular choices include the emergency room, pediatric ward and surgery.

2. Dental Hygiene – One of the most competitive programs in colleges is Dental Hygiene. For every 20 applicants only 3 people are accepted into the program and only one of those people will find hygiene job openings in their area. Of course, there are other professions in the dental field which require less school or are hands-on training. For example, dental technicians are tasked with turning molds from teeth into partial and whole dentures. There are also various support staff positions where you work with the patient and alongside the dentist and dental hygienist. The real money, however, is with being a certified hygienist. You can learn more about this profession at http://mydentalhygienistschools.com.

3. Medical Transcription – As the medical world goes digital, there is a growing need for medical transcriptionists. With this job you are tasked with converting paper records into digital ones. You are also responsible for deciphering doctors notes and making sure the patient has the right follow-up care. Medical transcription is a certificate degree and can be completed part time in under two years. Many trade colleges focus on this type of program.

4.  Paramedic – Emergency responders are needed everywhere. There will always be accidents that require on-scene assistance from a medical professional. Many paramedics start out as an emergency medical technician. EMT training can be completed in less than one year, depending on your state. It’s important to remember that every state has different licensing requirements for this position. Once you have gained experience as an EMT you can choose to further your education and become a certified paramedic. From there, you can move up within the company that you work for or move to bigger cities where you are able to get a higher paying position on a rescue squad.

5. Physicians Assistant – If you want to be active in the medical world but are not interested in jumping through hoops to become a doctor then being a physicians assistant is for you. To become a PA you will need to complete a masters degree. Again, this is a profession that is easy to purse when you have flexible hours while working in a restaurant. You will fall above nurses on the payscale and below doctors but have similar duties and privileges as both. There are plenty of PA job openings around the world simply because many people choose not to pursue the additional education. The most common path is to move from your nursing education to becoming a PA.