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How loud can restaurant kitchens be for noise-sensitive people?

SPECIAL NEEDSIf you have ever worked in a restaurant then you know that when it’s busy the kitchen is very loud. Between the banging of pots and pans, the noise of the cooks yelling orders and the hustle and bustle of the wait staff coming in asking for their entrees’, there is no shortage on noise. Many people are busy in a kitchen and the busier the restaurant the busier the kitchen. Noise can be very disturbing for some people especially special needs people. Disabled children and adults can be very sensitive to noise which makes them uncomfortable in a noisy environment. One way to combat noise in a busy restaurant is to have sound proof walls for the kitchen so that the noise doesn’t travel to the dining area. This will prevent the noise from bothering the customers that are dining in the restaurant. This doesn’t work though if the noise is bothersome to an employee in the kitchen. For this type of situation you would need the best ear plugs to drown out the noise. But this would only work if they are not needing to hear any instructions from a co-worker. Some other options would be to have employees that are sensitive to noise working in the front of the restaurant instead of the kitchen.

There are many jobs that you can do in a restaurant that would be perfect for someone that is noise sensitive. One job that would be good is a bathroom attendant in a high end restaurant. This type of position is more acceptable since the noise is completely drowned out since the bathroom is usually the quietest area in a restaurant. If you’re in a smaller restaurant then a noise sensitive person would be suitable for the greeter position. This position is in the front of the restaurant by the door and involves greeting the customer and seating them at a table. It’s very rarely as noisy as a kitchen but does have some noise level since it is around the tables and customers. Even though the greeter is at the front of the restaurant and around the customers the noise level isn’t quite as loud as it is in the kitchen, it’s more of a low mummer. This too can be aggravating to some noise sensitive people but more acceptable than the loudness of the kitchen clatter.

Whatever position you do in a restaurant you should always be respectful of other employees that work with you. In every job there is going to be someone that is slightly different than you are and you never know if there difference is due to a disability or a noise sensitivity. It’s a very common thing to have noise sensitivity, lots of people have this issue, but by looking at them you would never know without them telling you. Not everyone who has a disability such as noise sensitivity is unable to work they just need special accommodations so they feel comfortable in there working environment. People with noise sensitivity and disabilities can live a productive live with special accommodations and restaurant work is something that can provide them with training for their future.




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Hospitality can make or break a restaurant. Word of mouth spreads like wildfire.

'...and don't ever unlock the left door!...'In the restaurant world, know, that even when they are most definitely wrong, the customer is always right. Not only that, but you’ve got to show them and treat them with top of the line hospitality that is on point and make them feel like the most special people around because they are. They are your customers, and you want them coming back and spreading the word that “Such and Such restaurant is the best place for a nice dinner this side of town.” Word spreads like wildfire and that’s the kind of word you want spread about you and your establishment. So treat them like family. Wait, maybe that’s not the best thing. Treat them like your oldest and closest friend that you haven’t seen in forever and show them that they sure know where to go when they think of your place.

Stop by their tables while they are eating and inquire how their meal is, if there’s anything you can get them and if they are enjoying themselves. Sometimes they’ll talk a moment or give you a business card or the new “friend” card with their name and a website that says their hobbies or maybe even where they work or go to school. For instance their name and site maybe, like MyDentalHygenistSchools.com. Now you give them a card too and yours even offers a drink discount or 2 for 1 special appetizer and you leave feeling good that your customers are feeling good. Guess what? That’s good!

They’ll be out with friends and family and go through their wallet for one thing or another, well, if it’s their wallet it’s probably cash. Then they see your card and the next thing you know they are talking about you and the experience they had at your restaurant and that you even get a special for the next time you return, so why not go with your group right now and you can see how good of a place it is.

They return, experience the same great food and hospitality and the next thing you know, you’ve started a network. They tell their family and friends, and they tell theirs and so on and pretty soon your restaurant name is being spread throughout town as smooth as creamy peanut butter on a piece of bread their explanation. All because you took the time to show a little bit of old fashioned hospitality. Make sure you are sincere too, restaurant goers, especially people who eat out frequently can see right through an act. You love your restaurant, you love what you do, so show that you do and don’t act. Let it come from within. True hospitality.

Now as quick as this example brought people to your establishment, poor hospitality can spread even faster and keep your restaurant empty, so you want to be on your best behavior and offer only the best food, service, and hospitality you can offer.

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For people who carry knives in the restaurant kitchen and beyond, there are ESEE knives.

ESEE KNIFEPeople in the world of survival training, and all around outdoor life, carry a knife with them at all times. Just like some chefs do. You never know when they might be handy and what all they can do. It’s just nice to know it’s there if you need it. Hey, you never know on that camping trip you’ve waited all year to go on when you’re going to have to filet that beautiful rainbow trout you caught. It doesn’t matter when, because you’re already prepared. You’re carrying an ESEE knife.

The knives can be used to carry on a multitude of tasks from wilderness life, survival training, and to general camp work. Also, as aforementioned, they can filet a fish with ease. Knives like these aren’t your papa’s Swiss Army knife. These have blades to fulfill just about any duty.

When purchasing a knife as such there are things you want to take into consideration such as blade length and even its width. Also something to take into consideration is the weight and if you’re looking for something that is more compact for lightweight duty. You’ll want to know if you want part of the knife to have serrated edges as well too which can be handy around the campsite as well as a restaurant.

You want to find a knife that has a good grip and is comfortable to hold. It needs to fit in your hand in a way that you can keep control of it at all times so there are no accidents. Remember, knives are not a toy and are to be taken seriously task manager app. In the kitchen, and at the campfire, wherever you need it you want to have the best and it seems like the ESEE knives are at the top of the list and also they are extremely customizable from blade to handle. You can adjust it to what your needs for the knife will be. Some are better for chopping and heavier tasks, and some are for more delicate tasks such as slicing and more handiwork that takes a more gentle hand for the task at hand. Whether it is at the restaurant or by a campfire, there’s a knife for you.

There are small and lightweight knives that are easy and good for everyday uses that a bigger knife might not be as handy for the use it is intended for. For instance such as cutting, slicing closed and thin, prying that needs to be done and other tasks that keep it simple in a smaller knife.RESTAURANT KNIVES

ESEE knives come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing is the same for each knife that bears the name and that is the highest quality you can find for a knife to add to your projects and equipment. The blades are top of the line and not one knife comes out unless it meets stringent regulations. They don’t want you to settle for second best. They want you to get what you’re paying for. Your laying down money on a knife that has been tailor made for what you need it for, so go for it and get what not just you need, but what you want too.

Picking out the knife will be a task as they all have things they are good at. You just need to narrow your list of wants and needs down until you wind up with the one that is going to be by your side for many tasks at hand that you will be using it for. Whether it’s a delicate task or a heavy duty task, a kitchen task or an everyday use task it’s good to have it near. Whether it’s to have at home, in a restaurant kitchen, or by your side at a campfire, a good knife is an accessory that should be carried nearby for use when you need it.

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A Stress Free Job Option

Phlebotomy Training PhotoManagement of a restaurant is quite the undertaking. It takes a lot of time and energy to run a restaurant. You have an entire staff depending on you for direction. You design the menu and keep all of the employees doing their jobs. All of this falls on your shoulders along with any problems that may arise. A late shipment or a sick chef could be a big problem for you. You would have to handle everything quickly and accurately in order to get things back on track for the night. With all of that to do it is no doubt difficult to do much else.

With all of the stress involved you will find that some thrive in such a business and others do not. If you do enjoy what you do but need an outlet for that stress, another area of focus. Then maybe you should consider getting and education in another field or even a second job, one that allows you to help people in a calm environment where your job is to do one task and one task alone over and over. There are a lot of great choices out there for such a stress reliever.

If you are the type who does not like the stress or thrive in this stressful type of environment than perhaps a career change is in order. A restaurant manager has a lot of responsibility and pressure so perhaps a less pressure filled job is in order. As I am sure you have read, it is possible to go to college and run a restaurant at the same time. If you were to choose to do so, than there are some very exciting opportunities out there for you to explore. If a stress light job is what you hope for but still want to help people, like managing a restaurant makes so many happy and keeps them nourished, there are certain jobs that would allow for that same feeling of pride and urge to help others.PHLEBOTOMY PHOTO

There are a myriad of choices when it comes to helping people. Social workers help a lot of people but again, that is a stressful job and especially hard to pull off if you do continue your work at the restaurant. Doctors are the same way. Phlebotomy on the other hand would allow you to help people, have just the one real responsibility and have a calmer life.

If you were to go to a Phlebotomist Training Center than you could learn how to become a phlebotomist in no time and before you know it you are helping others with real problems but with none of the stress that doctors deal with. You take the blood, a vital part of the process, and being good at this is another way to help because the better you are the less pain the patient feels. When trying to find out if something is wrong with you, a gentle and friendly phlebotomist can make all the difference in the world to them task management system.