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Hospitality can make or break a restaurant. Word of mouth spreads like wildfire.

'...and don't ever unlock the left door!...'In the restaurant world, know, that even when they are most definitely wrong, the customer is always right. Not only that, but you’ve got to show them and treat them with top of the line hospitality that is on point and make them feel like the most special people around because they are. They are your customers, and you want them coming back and spreading the word that “Such and Such restaurant is the best place for a nice dinner this side of town.” Word spreads like wildfire and that’s the kind of word you want spread about you and your establishment. So treat them like family. Wait, maybe that’s not the best thing. Treat them like your oldest and closest friend that you haven’t seen in forever and show them that they sure know where to go when they think of your place.

Stop by their tables while they are eating and inquire how their meal is, if there’s anything you can get them and if they are enjoying themselves. Sometimes they’ll talk a moment or give you a business card or the new “friend” card with their name and a website that says their hobbies or maybe even where they work or go to school. For instance their name and site maybe, like MyDentalHygenistSchools.com. Now you give them a card too and yours even offers a drink discount or 2 for 1 special appetizer and you leave feeling good that your customers are feeling good. Guess what? That’s good!

They’ll be out with friends and family and go through their wallet for one thing or another, well, if it’s their wallet it’s probably cash. Then they see your card and the next thing you know they are talking about you and the experience they had at your restaurant and that you even get a special for the next time you return, so why not go with your group right now and you can see how good of a place it is.

They return, experience the same great food and hospitality and the next thing you know, you’ve started a network. They tell their family and friends, and they tell theirs and so on and pretty soon your restaurant name is being spread throughout town as smooth as creamy peanut butter on a piece of bread their explanation. All because you took the time to show a little bit of old fashioned hospitality. Make sure you are sincere too, restaurant goers, especially people who eat out frequently can see right through an act. You love your restaurant, you love what you do, so show that you do and don’t act. Let it come from within. True hospitality.

Now as quick as this example brought people to your establishment, poor hospitality can spread even faster and keep your restaurant empty, so you want to be on your best behavior and offer only the best food, service, and hospitality you can offer.

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