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Dine One Minute and Suction the Next

Weight Loss


The popular new weight loss option that’s taken the country by storm is called liposuction. This procedure is pretty much how it sounds; it’s a surgery that removes and sculpts fat to fit the patients desired look. Some patients use it as a means of weight loss, some to get rid of that mommy tummy, and some use it for procedures necessary for their health benefit. What is an interesting cause for alarm though is the location of the liposuction offices. Offices for liposuction in Houston, Texas often times have a multitude of restaurant chains near their office. They also sometimes host food advertisements on their websites!

The prices of liposuction can vary between $2,000 to $5,000, which sometimes isn’t even covered by insurance, but for many it’s a price they are willing to pay. What’s kinda ironic is the placement of restaurants near these liposuction offices. It seems like a strange strategic consideration for a fast food chain, but for low calorie options like Subway, have their product placed in such close proximity to an office that will most likely result in behavior change is pretty smart. Getting people to develop new eating habits is one of the goals after liposuction surgery, and it makes sense that restaurants would want to be there at ground zero. Pretty smart marketing, huh?.

Sounds farfetched doesn’t it, but think of it this way. Subway restaurants poster boy, Jared Fogle, who lost all his weight by eating at Subway restaurants–as well as exercising his weight off–promotes the healthy eating Subway provided for him. People who get liposuction surgery often times are told by their surgeon that the weight can come back if they don’t eat and exercise properly. This is a great marketing opportunity to bring people into a more healthy way of living; even when people associate Subway with fast food, they consider themselves a chain restaurant that promotes a healthy living. This is the same case for restaurants that are around the Houston area.

Low Calorie Diet

Low Fat Menu

Restaurants have been localizing a popular option of smaller portions, but also their “low calorie” menu’s. For people struggling with weight loss–and in this case people who just underwent liposuction surgery–living this new life of watching your weight and healthy eating is going to be a challenge. Not only are the low calorie options on the menu cheaper because of the portion size, but they also introduce the calorie indicator for each lunch or dinner. This grabs a customers attention since the words of their doctor will always resonate back into their head that it can be easy to gain the weight back if they don’t watch what they eat. It’s a great strategy that you almost can be certain they planned this ahead, but there is more to this.

If you visit some of the liposuction websites in Houston, and Google search “Liposuction and restaurants in Houston, Texas” you will find that the doctors themselves have tabs to local restaurants on there website. Crazy as that sounds, this is a genius opportunity. Since patients use liposuction as a means of weight loss, advertising restaurants on your websites promote clients to visit the restaurants because the doctor suggested it. What better way for the doctor to make a little money for recommending patrons and for the restaurant to capitalize on these new potential customers.

Some people might find this a scheme for people to gain the weight back by eating out more, but that’s not likely the case. Those who spend over $3,000 don’t want to spend money like that again if they don’t need to, and the best option is to eat healthier. Restaurants like Subway who have a calorie indicator on their menus as well as fine dining restaurants keep in mind that the lower calories, the more their patrons can eat. More and more places are offering smaller portioned foods as well as lower calorie menus so people can still eat what they enjoy, but to also watch what they are eating.

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