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Some key steps to building a restaurant

BUILDING A RESTAURANTBuilding a restaurant involves a lot of building supplies and construction workers. Even if you’re not building from the ground up you still have to redesign the building that your restaurant will be housed in. This involves getting permits from the city for construction and remodeling of the building grounds. You sometimes even have to reformate the parking lot, especially if the tar hasn’t been updated in years. There are many different things that go into opening a restaurant and lots of costs associated with it. Before you can even think about adding equipment to the kitchen and dining area you are going to need electric work, plumbing work, and walls and flooring.

Electrical work can be as simple as checking the wiring in an older building to make sure it’s up to code or reinstalling all the wires throughout the whole restaurant. Sometimes you need to add new outlets where no outlets are at. Sometimes you need to run fiber optics for internet and cable. Surround sound is something that will need to be installed by an electrician as well. Electricians can get very pricey so make sure you have budgeted enough into the budget to pay for any electrical complications.

Plumbing is another thing that can get pretty pricey, especially if the original building had no sinks or bathrooms. These are all things that you should consider when looking at locations for your business. If you have to install sinks and toilet areas then you’re looking at taking a big chunk out of your budget. But this can be managed as long as you get the right plumber and one that is affordable.

Once all the electrical and plumbing is up to code you can start with walls and floors. This is something you can get a general contractor or sub-contractor to work on for you. Word of mouth is the best way to find a good sub-contractor or contractor. Not all the ads in the phone book or newspaper are for reputable companies. The better business bureau can help you to decide on who is a great fit for your job.

Flooring is something that every restaurant needs and the prettier it is the more attractive your restaurant will look. Hard wood is a very good option for the dining area, once installed you will need to sand it down to prime it for paint. Googling floor sanding in Balham can help you locate a local floor sander that will be able to work on your project. Once the floors are thoroughly sanded they are ready for some varnish. You can choose any color combination for this. Darker colors make the room seam darker and lighter colors add a light and airy feeling to the room.

Determining what color to paint the walls is something that should be considered carefully. The color of your walls should coordinate with the varnish you applied to your floors. If you go with a darker varnish you should use a medium tone on your walls to help with the ambiance of the room. Using a light or pale color for the walls will brighten the space and make it feel inviting. Hiring an interior designer will help you to coordinate the walls and floors with the furniture that you have picked for your restaurant.

These are some of the things that will be necessary to do before you start filling your restaurant space with furniture and equipment. Decorators and organizers can help you organize your kitchen and dining space. This will make your dream restaurant come alive.

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